Fallen To Shadow


Please read through everything here.

What can I draw?

Types: Human, humanoid, anthro, pets.
Favourites to draw: males, lgbtq, headshots, angsty characters, vampires.


Sketches (no colour)Head: 500k Gil
Waist up: 900k Gil

Sketches (colour)
Head: 1mil Gil
Waist up 1.5mil Gil

Detailed outfits/characters will cost more. I will inform you of the price beforehand.

Coloured pieces

Semi defined (colour, simple)
Head: 5mil Gil
Waist up: 8mil Gil
(Has more detail than above options but will still appear simple)

Head: 20mil Gil
Waist up: 35mil Gil
(full colour, details, sketch lines and lighting as well as shading)

Detailed characters will be charged extra. I will inform you beforehand on how much.
Rendered commissions will take longer than others and all work will be delivered per Discord or twitter. please be ready to provide your information.

Head sketch no colour

Head sketch coloured

Rendered head

Rendered waist up

Where to find me?

Light-Zordiark Look out for a bunboy named ''Sirvere Nosera''

Check my twitter for irl prices!!message my discord for any art requests.
My user: sleepyvampire